Gev Marotz is an Israeli born artist who has lived in Germany and China. Educated in graphic design, he began his career in the United States and continued to travel frequently for work. Now based in Toronto, Canada, Marotz works as Global Creative Director at the Konrad Group while maintaining an active artistic practice. His paintings draw from a lifetime of travel and internal exploration. Influenced by his upbringing in a visually inclined family and his time exploring different cultures, many of his investigations circle back to imagery from his childhood. He then reworks and distorts these images as time and experience would a memory. Unrestricted, Marotz plays with the paint, line, colour, and composition of each of his works. His background in design becomes evident in the detailed patterns, while his passion for history and iconography play beneath the surface. Space, wonderment, and childlike things become sophisticated works of art through a carefully considered process of translation from memory to acrylic on wood panel. Marotz’s work is featured in numerous private collections across the globe including Germany, China, the United States, and Canada. Recent Toronto exhibitions include solo shows at Hashtag Gallery (2013) and Loop Gallery (2016).